Monday, August 24, 2009


I enjoyed the challenge of learning through this format and felt I learned about some new things and also practiced some old things. I like the self-directed learning model and found the directions very helpful. The hard/challenging part was starting the blog in the first place and the picasa example. I like the wiki concept and will look into that further which I think was the most important part for me. I think it can help with some groups I am in at work and in volunteer work as well. I will definitely recommend it to friends/coworkers and I felt it fulfilled my expectations. It pushed me to create some albums in my facebook account finally.

library thing
I love library thing because I am always keeping lists of books I have read so I can recommend them to friends. My mom always kept reading lists too. It is great to be able to see what friends are reading and see the proper title and author as sometimes people remember part of a title only. I will continue to use Library Thing.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

RSS Feeds

I subscribed to The Windsor Star, The Toronto Star, Betty Crocker and the Weather Network. It is easy to use and I think I will use this alot - especially when my son needs ideas for current events articles. I also like to read The Windsor Star to see what is going on in my hometown. Fun!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

wiki pici

I will bring some music - wow - looks like we have lots of food. It is a great idea - I can see it would be useful for the workplace and organizations where you don't see people regularly or committees like school councils. It is easy to use (especially when you direct me with exact instructions - thanks). I could use it on work committees where we meet infrequently.

Heavenly Hash - AKA "Squidge"

Heavenly Hash - AKA "Squidge"

Grease, then sprinkle coconut in a rectangular pan

In mixing bowl, combine and stir:

39 marshmallows - cut in quarters using scissors

1 cup graham crumbs

1 cup walnuts (or not)

20 maraschino cherries cut into quarters with scissors

1 can Eagle brand milk

Spread over coconut in pan

Add coconut to top (I use a whole bag of sweetened shredded coconut between bottom and top)


Super sweet - kids love it in the summer!

Monday, August 3, 2009

picasa jet boat photo

I sent a photo of the jet boat we went on last week (not my photo though). There were no tags. Picasa is fun for photo buffs and if you want to see a picture of a place that someone else has taken. I would continue to use this application.